Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes

Center for Managing Chronic Disease

The Center for Managing Chronic Disease (the Center) at the University of Michigan focuses primarily on a variety of chornic diseases (heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, allergies and factors associated with obesity). In an effort to meet its mission, the Center brings together chronic disease experts who are doing innovative work related to the social, behavioral, environmental and clinical aspects of disease management. Through collaboration, innovative approaches to chronic disease management are developed and widely disseminated. The Center aims to help those in greatest need and the largest number possible. It focuses on the most vulnerable and at-risk populations as well as the organizations and individuals who help them. The Center works with organizations in the United States and internationally with colleagues interested in enhancing health and health care systems for individuals, families and communities. An impressive group of faculty, staff and associates at the Center aims to have optimum positive effect on the lives of people living with or at-risk for developing chronic diseases.

Dr. John Piette is the current Director of the Center for Managing Chronic Disease. 

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