Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes

Merck Foundation

The Merck Foundation —a U.S.-based, private charitable foundation established in 1957—is funded entirely by the company and is Merck's chief source of funding support to qualified nonprofit charitable organizations.

Since its inception, The Merck Foundation has contributed more than $600 million to support important initiatives that address societal needs that are consistent with Merck's overall mission to help the world be well. The mission of the Foundation is to support organizations and innovative programs that are aligned with our three priority areas: health, education, and community.

As a global healthcare company, Merck believes it has a responsibility to help increase access to medicines, vaccines and quality healthcare worldwide. In this effort, The Merck Foundation is committed to discovering smart, sustainable ways to expand access, especially in parts of the world where there is limited or no healthcare infrastructure and resources. Given the enormity of this challenge, Merck believes it can make the strongest contribution by working in partnership with others—governments, donors, patient organizations, healthcare professionals, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, multilateral organizations and others within the private sector. Through these partnerships, The Merck Foundation provides expertise, human and financial resources, and products to improve healthcare quality and capacity. Their support helps strengthen health provider training, health service delivery (including innovative ways to improve care for chronic diseases), patient education/empowerment, and community health awareness. The Merck Foundation also aims to address underlying barriers to health, such as access to clean water and food.

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